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Kristen Stewart Alphabet - Camp X-Ray

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TAVIS SMILEY | Kristen Stewart | October 20, 2014

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of course I trust you.

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Anybody noticing a difference?

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I love you

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Honestly, I don’t care. It’s fine. I’m really happy doing what I’m doing.

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New Kristen Stewart portrait (x)

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Camp X-Ray opens today in the US! DOWNLOAD IT ON iTUNES or GO SEE IT!

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Robert in Paris. October 14th, 2014 x

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Kristen won Best Supporting Actress for Clouds of Sils Maria at the New York Film Festival!



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Camp X-Ray Trailer #2 (x)

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Still not over the olicity kiss…


Still staring at gifs like this:



And pausing it at just the right time.  

These two are so beautiful and belong together.

She is his happy story.  And he is hers.

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Kristen at the NYFF premiere of Clouds of Sils Maria (08/10/2014) +leaving her hotel +at the after party +leaving the premiere

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