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Kristen, Alicia & CJ in Malibu (x)

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All about Kristen: Favorite Photo-shoots (1/10)

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one of many reason why i LOVE this couple so much!

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"Who will ride with me? Who will be my brother?"

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Robert Pattinsonioni

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Kristen after seeing Cosmopolis for the first time. “Yes, she cried”

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Here we go again.

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New Portraits - ‘The Rover’ UK Junket x

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People who’ve only seen Twilight… I don’t know what they think I am
—Robert Pattinson - Metro UK interview, 2014 (via thinkingofrob)

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me: bobby is dead *cry*
bf: don't cry sweetie, it's not a real life, it's just a tv show!
me: burn in hell
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